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Prometheus review
Just saw Prometheus

I was underwhelmed. The effect were absolutely beautiful, but the story itself was lacking. Mainly because I didn't really care for any of the characters. The only character I had any liking for was the ship's Captain, played by Idris Elba (who's part was very small). It was obvious who Charlize Theron was playing, and while she did a good job (actually, all the performances were fine), none of the characters were fleshed out. At all. And I couldn't root for them because of that. Even the alien "Creators". They looked cool, but there was no indication why the did what they did, and frankly, they deserved what they got. And Dr. Shaw, at the end? I really wanted her to get iced. I would have liked her more if she had destroyed David before dying herself.

So, performances ranged from good to middling. Special effects were *very* good. Character development was very poor and the story itself felt as if big pieces had been left on the cutting room floor. And if the pieces were intentionally left out, to entice viewing of sequels - no thank you. Nothing I saw made me want to watch more, and I really didn't feel anything besides grossed out at several instances. I certainly didn't feel for the characters.


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