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Experiments in baking
I've been trying to eat healthier, so I've been experimenting with different grains and flours, and I tried out a few gluten-free recipes. Oat flour is pretty cool, and I'll be experimenting with spelt flour next. I made some GF brownies, made from black beans, and they weren't bad. It was more crumbly than I like my brownies, and I'd need to experiment some more to get some extra moistness into the recipe, but all in all, not bad and it didn't taste "beany" at all. Also, silken tofu, unsweetened baking chocolate and splenda make an awesome chocolate mousse. I'm going to try some stevia instead of the splenda, to see if the aftertaste is better than with splenda.

Also, kamut? Is a really wonderful grain. I like it better than bulgar. Maybe I'll try out some wheatberry next week...


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