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I just watched Bridesmaids - shamangrrl — LiveJournal
I just watched Bridesmaids
Review under the cut.

Or maybe I should say I tried to watch Bridesmaids. Honestly, I don't understand why this movie was touted as much as it has been. I found the humour to be totally absent, and frequently repelling. Several of the performances were downright painful to watch. The entire movie felt like a series of semi-related skits that were strung together with totally unrelated filler. Not only couldn't I get through the whole movie, but I actually found myself skipping entire sections, hoping to come upon something funny. Several of the characters felt like they existed in some other movie-universe, and their scenes were accidentally grafted on to this movie, pretty much all of the characters were dumb and unobservant on-cue, and I can't think of a single one that I actually liked or felt anything for. I wasn't rooting for the main character, because she was so obviously her own worst enemy.

This was *not* a good movie choice for me.


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