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Matthew McConaughey

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Stolen from MickeyM

1) An article of clothing.
Tank top. What? It's overly warm where I live.
2) A word you like.
Rythym. I like the way it feels on my tongue, the way the consonants slide around each other, the movement it inspires in my body. Great word.
3) A song title.
4) A vacation destination.
New Zealand
5) Something you own.
My condo. It took years, but I finally made it.
6) Something you've lost (only the first person to use mind gets the points).
Respect for the human race.
7) A hobby.
Pottery. I'm not good at it, but it's loads of fun!
8) A word you don't like.
Ha! Sam is the only thing that comes to mind.
9) Song lyrics.
For I have made her prison be/ her every step away from me/ and this child I would destroy/ if you try to set her free
10) Something you do without thinking about it.
Make sure all the light switches are oriented the same way on the panel. Yes, OCD much?
11) Something you can't do without thinking about it.
Drive somewhere, even if I've been there numerous times. I have to see the destination in my head, or I'm in trouble.
12) Something you don't understand.
Humanities habit of embracing the worst of our nature while ridiculing the best.
13) Somewhere to go.
Anywhere quiet, with lots of nature.
14) Somewhere to never go.
The mall.
15) A nickname.
Chell. Pronouned with a soft C, so it sounds like an S. Only my parents get to call me that.

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Just saw Prometheus

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I've been trying to eat healthier, so I've been experimenting with different grains and flours, and I tried out a few gluten-free recipes. Oat flour is pretty cool, and I'll be experimenting with spelt flour next. I made some GF brownies, made from black beans, and they weren't bad. It was more crumbly than I like my brownies, and I'd need to experiment some more to get some extra moistness into the recipe, but all in all, not bad and it didn't taste "beany" at all. Also, silken tofu, unsweetened baking chocolate and splenda make an awesome chocolate mousse. I'm going to try some stevia instead of the splenda, to see if the aftertaste is better than with splenda.

Also, kamut? Is a really wonderful grain. I like it better than bulgar. Maybe I'll try out some wheatberry next week...


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Review under the cut.

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Well, I don't really watch the show anymore, but I do still keep up somewhat, in the hopes that the awesome will return. Given the status of new showrunner, I'm actually hopeful for next season.

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I've been watching Revenge, and boy, is it fun! It reminds me of the soapy, sudsy potboilers they used to have on during the 80's and 90's. Fun stuff, and I'm enjoying all of the performances. Yeah!


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Not everybody likes to talk incessantly. I don't mind having conversations with people, but it has to be a conversation. Which involves two or more people, exchanging ideas, listening to each other - you know interacting. If you constantly start a conversation just to start talking about yourself, or somehow change the topic of conversation so it becomes a monologue about *you*, then you don't need me to be present. That's not a conversation. And I'm sorry, but NOBODY is that interesting that listening to the same story (told at extreme volume) five times over is going to come off as anything other than self-serving, and is especially not going to be riveting.

If you want to have a conversation with me, fine. But I don't need to be present for your verbal diarrhea. And that doesn't mean that there's something wrong with me - so don't go around asking everyone what my problem is, and don't repeatedly ask me what's going on. MY PROBLEM IS YOU.

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Hemp milk is gross. It has a really vile aftertaste. Maybe it would taste better sweetened, but.... I'll pass, thanks.


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The 12 Characters Meme:

01. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
02. Mozzie (White Collar)
03. Abby Sciuto (NCIS)
04. Jon Stewart (The Daily Show)
05. Faith Lehane (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
06. Lucas Black (American Gothic)
07. Allison Blake (Eureka)
08. Charles Bartowski (Chuck)
09. Guerrero (Human Target)
10. Auggie Anderson (Covert Affairs)
11. Victor (Dollhouse)
12. Zoe Washburne (Firefly)

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